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Pack of 3 Ceramic Toadstools 5cm

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Introducing our enchanting pack of 3 ceramic toadstools, standing at a whimsical 5cm high each. These delightful toadstools are the perfect addition to your home decor or fairy garden, adding a touch of charm and magic to any space.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, each toadstool boasts intricate detailing and vibrant colors, bringing a sense of wonder to your surroundings. Whether placed indoors on a windowsill or shelf, or outdoors in your garden, these toadstools will surely captivate the imagination of all who behold them.

Create your own miniature fairyland or woodland scene by arranging these toadstools amongst plants, moss, and other decorative elements. Their petite size makes them versatile for various uses, from tabletop displays to terrarium accents.


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