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Cherry Blossom Ceremony package

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Embrace Love's Blossoming Journey with Our Cherry Blossom Wedding Package!

Dear Newly Engaged Couples,

Embark on your marital voyage with our enchanting Cherry Blossom package, specially curated for a magical beginning. Priced at just €595.00, this package encompasses a myriad of stunning features, ready to be customized to reflect the unique tapestry of your love story. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your wedding dreams bloom into a beautiful reality.

Cherry Blossom Package – A Symphony of Elegance and Charm:

  • Large Floral Entrance Arch: Be welcomed into matrimony under a splendid arch, symbolizing the gateway to your new life together.
  • Blossom Arch for the Aisle's Start: Step down the aisle under a cascade of blossoms, marking the commencement of your love's eternal journey.
  • 6 Blossom Trees: Surround your sacred vows with a forest of six majestic blossom trees, creating an ethereal, dream-like ambiance.
  • "Take a Seat" Sign: A stylish and inviting gesture to guide your guests to their seats, adding a personal touch to your ceremony.
  • Choice of Décor – 2 Tall Bird Cages, 2 Floral Creamery Cans, or 2 Sets of Lanterns: Personalize your space with one of these elegant options, each adding a unique charm to your venue.
  • 12 to 18 Pew Ends: Enhance your ceremony space with these delightful decorations, creating an aisle of beauty and grace.
  • Floor Lanterns: Illuminate your venue with floor lanterns, casting a soft, romantic glow over your special day.
  • Unity Arrangement (Optional): Symbolize your union with a bespoke floral arrangement, tailored to represent the essence of your bond.

Tailored to Your Dream Vision:

While the Cherry Blossom package offers a comprehensive and exquisite set of decorations, we believe in the power of personalization. There is no limit to how you can make this package your own. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to tailor every aspect of the package, ensuring your wedding day is as unique and special as your love.

Complete Set-Up and Removal:

Focus on the joy and love of your big day, while we take care of setting up the ceremony décor on the morning of your wedding and removing the items afterward. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience.

Make your wedding day a breathtaking reflection of your love story with our Cherry Blossom package. Contact us today to start the journey towards the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. 🌸✨


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