About us

Evergreen Silk Plants was first established in Melbourne Australia in 1992 and opened its first branch in Ireland in 1994.

We opened our first store in Oakleigh, Melbourne, Australia in 1992 and our journey began by crafting and creating beautiful artificial trees and greenery and selling out of stock on a consistent basis. After two years perfecting our craft down under, it was time to return home.

We returned to Ireland in 1994 and opened a store on Manor street. Returning to Ireland led us into a new field of work, instead of just selling out of our retail location we were now going out into different restaurants, office spaces and pubs to outfit these and bring life to them. (some of these locations still have our work in them to this day). Not long after we opened our second store in the town that we are based out of to this day in little old Ardee, Co. Louth.

Doing all that was to be done in our field we eventually lost the drive to keep innovating and creating and this led to a hiatus after our second child was born around 1998 to pursue other avenues in life.

2016 rolled around and one of our children decided they wanted to start creating and selling these trees themselves, and thus the business began back up crafting and selling our first tree in almost 20 years.

 A little over a month passed and we were asked by family if we would be willing to lend them some of our items to decorate their church on the day of their wedding. As everywhere else they were being quoted astronomical prices, simply because it was a wedding they were inquiring about. Of course we were more than happy to and once we seen the church decorated the penny dropped.

 We began to look into other Wedding Decor companies and realised that the majority were offering a very basic range and charging drastically inflated prices.

We wanted to get involved and create a service in which we could supply decor for both brides on a budget and those that don't know what a budget is. We also wanted to make sure that no matter who we were catering for we were able to make their weddings as memorable and magical as they should be.


What began as a simple basic package:


Has now transformed into what we believe to be the best package out there:


If you are at all interested in allowing us to make your wedding that much more magical, please to do hesitate all to contact us and we will work with you to make sure that your wedding is exactly working with your budget of course.